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About Palamu

Palamu is one of the 24 districts of Jharkhand state. Although economically it is one of the most backward districts, but enjoys immense popularity for its rich reserves of flora and fauna and is considered as one of most beautiful regions of Jharkhand. Just to give you a fair idea about how rich this place is in flora and fauna, then we’d like to bring to your notice that World's first tiger-census was done in the Palamau’s deep forests itself, which was way back in 1932. Although tiger’s population since then has come down quite considerably, but much of its flora and wide life is still intact and so is its scenic beauty. Below you will get more detailed information about this and other must known features of this district.

About Palamu
Palamu Fort

History of Palamu

Due to lack of authentic information about the town is clouded in lot of mystery and obscurity. Although few historical records do clearly suggest that for much of ancient and medieval period this region was ruled by few aboriginal/adivasi kingdoms. These kingdoms were namely of Kharwars, Oraons and Cheros. Today the famous Palamu fort, located near Daltonganj city, is the only surviving historical monument that serves as a reminder of Palamu region’s tryst with aboriginal or adivasi kingdoms. It was constructed during the reign of cheros dynasty. However, apart from their name and few random events of fairly historical importance, not much information is available in historical records.

Geography of Palamu

The total geographical area of Palamu is 5043.8 square Kms. It lies between 23°50' and 24°8' north latitude and between 83°55' and 84°30' east longitude and is bounded in north by river Son along with Rohtas and Aurangabad districts of Bihar state, in south by Latehar district, in east by Chatra and Hazaribagh districts and in west by Garhwa district. Palamu is immensely rich in terms of flora and fauna. Its topography is characterized by huge forest areas, many waterfalls, hilly areas and huge land areas with avalanches. Speaking specifically about forest, then there are two forest divisions in this district: Project Tiger Division and Daltonganj South Forest Division. Project Tiger Division is mainly spread across Chhipadohar Kalan village, while Daltonganj South Forest Division is mainly spread across in areas that lie in outskirts of Daltonganj city. As for reserves like minerals and soils are concerned, then Palamu District certainly has huge reservoir of minerals. Limestone, Quartz, Graphite, Bauxite, Iron ore are found in abundance here.

Administration in Palamu

Like all other districts, even Palamu District has been divided into various administrative divisions for efficient administration purposes. There are total 3 sub divisions and 13 developmental blocks in Palamu District. As is the case with all districts, here too 13 developmental blocks have been divided within 3 sub divisions. The 3 sub divisions and 13 developmental blocks are as follows: Sub divisions: Daltonganj, Husainabad, Chhatarpur. Developmental Blocks: Bishrampur, Chatarpur, Hariharganj, Lesliganj, Pandu, Patan, Haidernagar, Chainpur, Daltanganj, Hussainabad, Manatu, Panki and Satbarwa. No district, however, can efficiently function merely on basis of administrative divisions. It more importantly needs competent administrators to efficiently run its day-to-day administration. Palamu District, needless to say, also has many able administrators at helm of its affair. Names and contact information’s of some of the important local administrators have been given below. For More Click Here

Commissioner Palamu: (06562) 224008, 223122, 222010.
DIG Palamu: (06562) 224101, 224300
District Judge Palamu: (06562) 224075
Additional Collector Palamu: (06562) 222571, 222728

Economy of Palamu

Agriculture without a doubt plays the most dominant role in the economy of Palamu. While dependence on agriculture has been continuing since many centuries, but over the years economy has also witnessed noticeable tilt towards industrial sector. This, needless to say, has resulted in sizeable employment and revenue generation for the entire district. Most of industries operate near Daltonganj city and Belchampa town. As far as large scale industrial units are concerned, then there are currently two or three large scale operating in the district.

Profile of Palamu
Money Economy in Palamu

These are Bihar Caustic & Chemical Ltd (also known as Aditya Birla Chemicals LTD) and Sone Valley Cements ltd. However, Bihar Caustic & Chemical Ltd assumes more importance for district’s economy. Since it generates comparatively more revenue and employment for district. And now finally some brief information about forest industry, which equally has a very significant impact on local economy. This industry holds immense importance for large part of tribal, whose livelihood is dependent on it. Forest industry’s importance, however, is far, far minimal when its overall revenue and employment generation is compared with agricultural sector.

Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Limited
Garhwa Road, Rehla 822 124, Palamu, Jharkhand, India
Tel: +91-6584-262 211 / 262 221 / 262 488 / 262 520
Fax: +91-6584-262 205, 262 491

Tourist Attractions in Palamu

Palamau in one of the most picturesque and beautiful part of Jharkhand state. Its landscape is dotted with lush green forest, exotic wild life animals and many scenic waterfalls. With so much to offer, Palamau district is certainly a dream destination for any tourist. Below is brief information about all the must visit tourist destination’s of Palamau.

Information on Palamu
Palamau Tiger Reserve

Palamau Fort: This historical fort located near Daltonganj city is probably the only remaining symbol of Palamu’s enigmatic history. Although this fort today is lying in absolute ruins, but charm of its yesteryear period can still be felt.

Betla National Park: Considered as one of the finest wildlife national park of North east India, Betla National Park will acquaint you with Palamau’s serene lush green forests and amazing wildlife animals shuttering through its deciduous jungles. But best part is you scan enjoy them with privately held jeep or elephant safari tour, which only adds to the fun.

Palamau Tiger Reserve: Not very far away from Betla National Park is Palamau tiger reserve, one of the famous tiger reserves of India. However, owing to huge decrease in tiger’s population, spotting tiger here has become a rare phenomenon. But with sheer virtue of luck, some tourists do end up spotting few wild cats. In case if you’re not that lucky, then too your trip to Palamau tiger reserve won’t turn out be a dull affair. Because other exotica wildlife animals like leopards, wolves, wild dogs and jungle cats, sloth bear and Sambar also reside here quite huge numbers.

Healthcare Services in Palamu

Palamu is home to few private hospitals and a lone operating government hospital. The lone operating government hospital is known as Sadar Hospital. It boosts only basic medical infrastructure, but owing to its affordable cost it is the most visited hospital of Palamau district. Speaking about private hospitals, then over the years one or two multi specialty hospitals has come up in this city. The presence of such well equipped hospitals surely has had a very positive impact on region’s healthcare services. Moving to other essential healthcare services like chemist shops and doctors, then Daltonganj city has no shortage of them at all. Today there is a chemist shop and doctor literally at every nook and corner of the town. If we move beyond Daltonganj town and take a peek into condition of healthcare services prevailing in other towns of the district like Satbarwa, Chatarpur, Haidernagar and Hariharganj. Then overall picture that we get is not that encouraging, but their condition is surely lot better than what it was many decades ago. Because today these towns boost comparatively more hospitals and chemist shops than many decades ago.

Transportation in Palamu

Daltonganj Railway Station

As far as connectivity of district goes, then Palamu many railway stations that has ensured its direct connectivity to many important cities and towns of India. However, the most important railway stations of the district are Daltonganj Railway Station and Garwa Road Railway Station. Both these stations belong to East Central Railway zone and directly connects Palamu District to important cities like Howarh, Jabalpur, Jammu Tawi, Patna, Singrauli, Ajmer, Varanasi, New Delhi, Sambalpur, Bhopal etc. And not to speak of that these two railway stations also connect Palamu District to almost all the important cities of Jharkhand state.

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